Square One is an independent research company at the intersection of business administration, society and technology.

Interest and expertise of Square One are investigating and developing the overall architecture and design of the social, technological and commercial aspects of enterprises. Research topics could be management systems, such as quality and knowledge management, or the application of technologies, particularly Internet and Web 2.0 technology, to support the implementation of management systems.

Square one is equally well positioned to carry out investigations into models that explain and to apply these models to both companies as permanent and projects as temporary organisations.

More recently Square One has started to investigate and develop models and formats of co-creation, particularly the development and delivery and evaluation of “unconference” and co-creation formats in academia and business, together with colleagues from VTT (Helsinki, Finland) and ETH Zurich (Switzerland).

Square One is also investigating how structural and societal conditions influence and are influenced by various forms of co-creation, one example being the current intellectual property and copyright regimes.

Square One is fully owned by Dr Peter Troxler. Peter has worked as a research manager in knowledge management and technologies at the University of Aberdeen (Scotland, UK; 2001-2004), and he has been a researcher in industrial psychology at ETH Zurich (1993-1999). He has also worked in business as a senior project manager at Waag Society, within the Fablab community, as a senior consultant for Akronym GmbH (since 1997), and for GEC Alsthom (now Areva T&D) as an industrial engineer (1988-1995).

Next to his business and academic assignments, he has helped to initiate various interdisciplinary cultural and artistic projects – in Lucerne (Switzerland) and Melk (Austria) he co-founded the group p&s (2000) that is responsible for the European project readme.cc virtual library (funded by the European Culture 2000 programme), and in Aberdeen (Scotland, UK) he initiated the project Oil and the City (2004/5) discussing the impact of the oil industry on the social life an cohesion in the city. Peter’s contribution was in bridging the gap between culture and entrepreneurship. His interest in these projects was integrating arts, academia and media, and bringing about public involvement and public discourse.

Peter received a Dr. sc. techn. and an MSc. in industrial engineering from ETH Zurich, and a certificat in International Copyright Law from the University of Amsterdam. He received formal training in online journalism, in educational video production, as a facilitator for Local Agenda 21 and for future workshops, and in sound engineering. Peter is proficient in German, English, Dutch and French.

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