Fab Lab in the Un-True Sense of the Word

Occasionally I find links and web pages that refer to Fab Lab but not to the MIT concept of Fabrication Laboratories. Here are a few of them:

  • FabLab (the artist and her archive) was a performance by Dorit Cypis at the 18th Street Art Center in Santa Monica, LA.
  • fablab.com and fablab.net belong to companies producing stuff, fablab.org links to a molecular biology site.
  • Indeed the Maryland Nanocenter prides itself of a Fab Lab which for them is a state-of-art research cleanroom
  • A company named FableVision, Inc. filed an application to register the FABLAB trademark in the US on November 25, 2010
  • The FabLab on facebook is a couple of guys (Nolan and TIffay “Coachglitter”) doing face make up workshops
  • The Rhinofablab is home of 3D drawing software Rhino — so this one is indeed Fab Lab related
  • Carla Valverde is a Lisbon artist who publishes her designs on flickr under the pseudonym FabLAB Atelier
  • In Berlin (she would deserve better), an Art Gallery / Project Space with “personal interests” in Art, Music, Workshops, Film Screenings, Performance Art (according to Facebook) chose to call itself “The Fab Lab”
  • And not to forget — even Paul Mccartney is into “Fab”, or at least that’s the title of the latest Mccartney biography by Howard Sounes.

And there must be tons of others

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